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Iron Armor Avenger

Developer: CCID LTD

Welcome to the world's most heroic endless runner game! Battle of Iron Armor Machines are now in your mobile device.Iron Armor Avenger brings the runner crossing genre to the next level! You'll see and pass over all the diverse challenges. There are cars, road, buildings, highways, damaged firetrucks and ambulances, broken bridges, but now helped by your super iron armor, design by man and touch by the most impressive tech, you will be able to beet the records and finish the run and help to reconstruct the city!
It's the age of super heroes! No man or super villain would be so bold as to threaten the world when there are such powerful iron armors to defend here. Or would they so foolish to put on a test your avenger skills? The evil soldiers destroyed your city and they reach to have their takeover! They have swarmed the streets, setting up heavily fortified bases and road blocks, shooting anyone who crosses them! But you are an Avenger with an iron armor faster that any man has seen, more powerful than ever!
For the highest score you need to survive and prove that you are the greatest Hero of them all. Check your score regularly and buy awesome upgrades that are available in the game. Show your friends who the real hero is. As you level up and improve your armor you'll become unstoppable!
There are upgrades to unlock! Each one improve your own unique ability. Each time you play your character will gain coins moving you from level. Levelling up will brings you bonuses and new abilities. Unlock all to complete the game!Robots wars have begun - the only way to stop it is to reach to the other side of the city and save the world. Crazy challenges will put your iron armor machines for a serious skills test! Welcome to the new man world where war is inevitable and only escape are iron armors!
Be fast like to become an avenger. Prepare your jumps thinking to revenge! Iron is the future, man age is gone, iron machine is the greatest man invention! This is a super fun, adrenaline, endless running game, and best of all it's totally free! Welcome to the a world of action super hero game!
Play now Iron Armor Avenger!
▪ Hop across the road in serious iron armor hero style!▪ Dynamically created levels ()▪ Challenging scenarios that no man can pass!▪ Iron Armor design with incredible powers!▪ Unique abilities beyond any man imagination!▪ Seriously obstacles to become an avenger!